Cecil Bridgewater - Trumpeter, Educator, Composer, Arranger, Producer

Photo of Clark Terry and Cecil Bridgewater

Clark Terry-The Ultimate Teacher

Cecil with Clark Terry at University of Illinois Concert

Working on things in a sustained manner that
will make you a better person and musician!

Questions I often get are: What to Practice; How to Practice; How to play fast; How to improvise; I want to be a composer/arranger. All valued questions, but non have a quick and easy answer. Each one is dependent on the other, for instance - If you want to improvise then you have to study great improvisors and start out immulating what you hear. The same is true in each of the other aspects of music - listen and immulate until you have a grasp of the fundamentals and then experiment with your ideas. The idea is not to copy someone else, but to understand how they got where they are and use those principles to reach your goals. Hopefully, your recognize that each person you admire has put in the necessary hours to become someone you admire. It's up to you to do the same, no one was born with the ability to perform at a high level, they all work diligently at it to become better!

If you haven't yet seen Clark Terry's life story in the "KEEP ON, KEEPIN' ON" DVD then you owe it to yourself and students to purchase a copy of it for entertainment and educational purposes! A very powerful example of the perserverance and will power of one of America's pioneer's in music and life!

I'm forever grateful for the letter he wrote back to me when I was 22 years old in answer to many of my questions and his help when I finally arrived in New York to pursue a career in music. He pointed me in a direction with the necessary skills to continue my quest for a life in music for which I am eternally grateful!

Cecil Bridgewater